Scottish Lexicography Symposium: ScotLex-1

Royal Society of Edinburgh, 8th April 2016

Scotland has historically made a disproportionate contribution to the field of lexicography, from the pivotal work of Jamieson to the innovative publishing of the Chambers brothers in Edinburgh, and Murray’s and Craigie’s stewardship of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). This is arguably still true today with two national dictionary organisations (for Scots and Gaelic), leading academic research in historical lexicography including projects such as the Historical Thesaurus of English, a Scot once again at the OED helm, as well as the ongoing presence of Collins in Glasgow.

In this context, ScotLex-1 looks to celebrate current lexicographical achievements while providing an opportunity for knowledge-sharing and dissemination of experience and best practice in Scotland and beyond.

Slides now available for talks here: (About>Talks)


The symposium will be collaborative and forward-looking in approach with a focus on lexicographical methodology and practice. The following themes will be explored by Scottish and international contributors:

  • What does lexicography look like today?
    • current projects, tools and resources including corpora
  • What lies ahead for lexicography?
    • trends, techniques, challenges and opportunities
  • What does the dictionary user of the future look like?
    • interaction with and applications of dictionary data 

The symposium will include the launch of ScotLex, a knowledge-sharing network to encourage debate and collaboration between organisations and scholars working in any area of lexicography with a Scottish connection.